Michigan Music Festival Includes Bingo 

This summer, thousands of electronic music fans converged on the Double JJ Ranch in Rothbury, Michigan, for the annual Electric Forest Festival—which has been included on many “Top 10 best festivals” lists since its creation—for four days of fun, fellowship and music concerts. Among the various festival events was Psychedelic Friendship Bingo, an improvised, interactive game show held at The Observatory in the heart of the Electric Forest Festival’s Sherwood Forest. The concept of the game is the same as traditional Bingo, with numbers being read off with the goal of marking off five numbers in a row on an individual card. But there was also a twist. The numbers were read by five “Bingo Players” located on stage—including Kermit the Frog and a giant hotdog. Following an impromptu dance party and a countdown from 10, the games commenced. Along with the Bingo winners was a person who called a false Bingo, for which he was subjected to the feared torture of “Mustardboarding” in which a paintbrush was dipped in mustard and spread from his forehead to his midsection. 

Court Debates Smoking Ban for W. Virginia Bingo Hall 

The West Virginia Herald-Mail has reported that a circuit judge issued a temporary restraining order that allowed a Bingo operation to continue to permit players to smoke while the legality of the Berkeley County Board of Health’s smoking ban at such gaming facilities is reviewed by the state trial court. The suit contends that the health board’s expanded regulation is an “unlawful overreach” of its authority in regard to Bingo halls, according to a petition filed in Berkeley County Circuit Court. A Berkeley County administrator said after a court hearing that the parties in the case mutually agreed on the issue of a temporary restraining order for the Bingo hall portion of the newly enacted clean-air ordinance. The order allows smoking at the Bingo hall while a judge reviews state code and previous court decisions. If the judge sides with the Bingo operators, the board of health would have to modify the ordinance on that issue. The health department’s new clean-air ordinance prohibits smoking, including e-cigarettes, in nearly all public places and “in all enclosed public places, businesses and places of employment within Berkeley County.” 

Irish Football Club Holds Outdoor Bingo Fundraisers 

The Portlaoise GAA hurling and Gaelic football club in County Laois, Ireland, put a unique slant on Bingo this summer to raise money for the club, and for Portlaoise Musical Society and Multiple Sclerosis. On the last Sunday afternoon of July, August and September, cars and buses were able to park on the stadium grounds and play Bingo from the comfort of their vehicles, waited on by volunteers. Rather than the traditional cry of “Bingo,” winners honked their horns and flashed their lights. The overall payout each day will be €7,500 (US $10,200), including an accumulative jackpot starting at €1,000 (US $1,400). Vincent Dowling, chairperson of Portlaoise GAA, told the Leinster Express: “[The event raised] valuable funds for the development of sport for the youth in our community through Portlaoise GAA and musical culture, experienced in the wonderful productions staged by the Portlaoise Musical Society. This [was also] a joint fundraiser which charity-partnered with MS Ireland to support services in the MS Care Centre for people living with Multiple Sclerosis and their families.” 

By Jeffrey Charboneau 

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